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Monday, 8 May 2017

No news is good news i suppose

The visit went ok with the neurologist , He is still on the hunt for my old Mri's , He did absolutely loads of blood tests and in the meantime given me an open appointment in case i get any weird neurological symptoms so like the title says  No news is good news , I just need to put up with things in the meantime (story of my life health wise).

Anyway the garden is coming along fine , Its taking a bit of time as our nephew keeps getting called into work weekends but the extremely lumpy lawn has been totally dug up , I advertised it on free cycle explaining that its been dug up and its in different shapes and depths and would take a lot of patience and hard work to lay it but two people came and took about half of it , The rest will go into raised beds then topped with top soil to save on the cost of a skip.

Last year we had hardly any blossom on the apple trees we bought with us from our old house .hence no apples ,look at them now.

We had an ugly planter on the outside of the house by the front door so we had it removed and planted up some ceramic pots i have had for years, they were bought from a charity shop about 12 years ago , A local Wilkinson was closing down and donated lots of stock to the charity shop.

Bargain buys have been few and far between at the moment but here is a few.

Jacobean embroidered tray was 30p , Its needs a clean but its beautiful. 

Huge Enamel Casserole 50p.

1960s hyacinth  bowls 50p the lot 

My first weigh in at weight watchers was a 3 pound loss not bad with an under active thyroid . 


Friday, 28 April 2017

Sleep Apnea

I am feeling a bit miffed today about a TV Program that we watched last night about overweight people.
 On the program there was this very large lady who has sleep Apnea , 
She announces on the TV to the nation that her Apnea is because she is overweight ,
 So Today i had to go to Citi Hospital in Birmingham to get my new sleep mask and asked the specialist , If i loose weight will my Apnea Disappear ,She looked at my history and mine  was that i  stopped breathing 36 times an hour times an hour  and anything over 30 was severe .
She said that they have stick thin people with sleep apnea so its not always a weight thing.

Why do these programs portray untruths , 
After the program i was thinking everybody who watched this now thinks if they know me that my Apnea is caused by my weight ,

 I have joined weight watchers anyway as  i am not very good at motivating myself, I have tried for the last few months  and I dont like slimming world ,

 After seeing this photo of me at my brother's wedding  this last weekend and feeling upset

After not being able to find anything in my size without breaking the bank.
Our daughter has paid for me to go for the next three months , I cant let her down or for that matter myself for my health as the last blood test found sugar and have to have a re test in 3 months ,This has all happened for not being as active as i used to be due to health reasons. 
 But most of all i was inspired by my freind Vix , I have been married for 40 years next june and will be 58  so would like to be a lot lighter and more happy with my weight  at that time.

Some more photos from the wedding.
My mom & Dad , Sister & Brother ( The groom ) 

The bride was tiny she looked beautiful.

The bridesmaids were so sweet , My great Niece is in the middle she did so well.

And the local revamped conservative club in Wednesbury was fantastic. 


Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Reveal

Well it's all done now , We have gone for a really dark colour , I know people say dont go dark in a small room but to compliment the new chairs we had to really ,
It's so cosy looking now i am thrilled , All is cost was the paints ,Some new lamp shades and a few more bargain finds and its cost just under  £100

We use a panel of wallpaper to add some interest over the fireplace , It depends on the pattern we only purchased one roll , This was used to add detail to the tv cabinet.

This was in a job lot i bought from Auction.

The lamp bases were two for £1.50 from jumble sale and the shades £5.00 each from Ikea. 

I never wanted  a big Tv as they dominate a room and this cabinet has been cut down to accommodate it , Sometimes you have to do things you dont like so other people are happy.  

I made the striped cushions the  round blue ones were £1.00 each from a jumble sale.  

This pie crust table was picked up from a jumble sale for £3.00 

The colour sets of the gold pictures.

I made these cushions from a 30p piece of fabric from a jumble. 

The brown lamp shade compliments the brown velvet curtains that i cant afford to replace. B & Q £7.99


Monday, 17 April 2017

Its getting there

Easter is quiet for us we just buy two Easter eggs for our daughter and son in law wich were of course a bargain ( I forgot to photograph them ) 
They were Thornton's Large eggs retailing at  £25.00 each , But we got them for  £4.99 in a local warehouse that usually sells near or out of date stock but the eggs were neither.  

As i mentioned in my last post The living room is having a makeover , Since buying the chairs it just didnt look right with the sage green colour so we had the walls painted and this weekend i made some cushions.

The red velvet was new and unused for 30p from a  jumble sale, The striped fabric was in the clearance at Dunelm and just cost £3.00 , I also have enough to make some tie backs for the curtains, I will reveal the whole room soon 

The cotton i used came from a sewing box i bought from a jumble sale for £4.00 , The box itself i am rubbing down to re stain at the moment but just look at the contents , It was a bargain.

Of course Easter Sunday Dinner just had to be a bargain , This rack of lamb was from Iceland it was Beautiful , This is a type of cut that i usually avoid as its expensive and dosent go far but at this price , It was perfect.
If you can't see the label it was £3.00, Instead of £15.99.


Then i made an old Old fashioned fruit cake from My Homepride  cookery book.

The book is rather stained but that's how i found it , Its been well used.

Hope you all have had a productive Easter. 


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Back to Basics

Lots of things have changed since the last time i blogged , 
The biggest one is giving up my market stall ,  It Didn't last that long really, I gave it a good  try though,
 I  am ok just sitting selling on the stall but its got too  much the lifting up and down the stairs of the stock , Getting it ready , sourcing it etc , Even today i have got so tired and worn out just going  to two shops in town.

 The market where i stand is not very busy either , you get the same people week in week out and other locations are not an option for various reasons ,

 I will miss the banter of the other stall holders but wont miss the cold weather, I get severe muscle cramps in various parts of my body that have got much worse his last two months , They immobilise me for a few minuets and i am frightened that i will have one when i am there and get completely stuck as i am on my own.
The next neurologist appointment has been bought forward because of the cramps and falling over , Its may the 5th so not to long to wait. 
  Anyway i wont bore you any more with health issues just tell you if i have any definite news.

Instead of showing  stock i have bought  to sell i will be going back to basics  shearing  my personnel jumble sale finds and my frugal tips as i will have more time to blog .

I also  now need to be as frugal as i possibly can be after my income drop and spending some money on the house  

Even when i spend money on new items i source the best possible value for money , The patchwork sofa i covered started to sag as it was secondhand fabric wich wasn't upholstery fabric.
So i bought this pair of wing chairs of Ebay.  

They were made to measure and cost just £199 each. 

But the room now needs a lick of paint and a few new touches , I will post about it when its completed.

 These are two of my very favourite finds this week the vintage curtain was 30p and the Normill  framed print £1.50.

Apparently my blog disappeared for about five days according to my friend Mel , Has anybody had any similar problems.