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Monday, 2 October 2017

Health up date

Things are starting up again, I have been fine for months on end and in the last two weeks I have tripped up twice breaking my toe and hurting my arms on the market I had severe muscle spasms in the top of my back and under my breastbone, they paralysed me for a good few minutes, I have broken three items of China in the last few days too , 
After falling over again I used my open appointment to see the neurologist last Thursday and he is sending me for a brain and neck scan to make sure it's not MS as all my symptoms do not add up to fibromyalgia.

I am still plodding about though doing as much as I can and as long as i can sit on the market and it's not too cold I won't give up.

I have been to a couple of jumble sales this weekend and bought mainly clothing for my stall with the exception of this blanket, Does anyone know if it's a welsh blanket at all

Lovely breezy day today to wash and dry it even though it has an old label on it that says dry clean only. 

Do you think the supermarkets are struggling, We have had great discount coupons for both Sainsbury's and today we have had some from Morrisons but I only buy food when we need it now so so far I have only used one Sainsburys one for £7.50 off £50. 

Together with a voucher I had for a complaint which was for £10, so I had a £50 shop for £32.50 and also took advantage of the wine offer of buy 6 bottles to get 25% off only choosing the £4.60 or less wines they came out at around £3.10 per bottle so i was really happy with that shop it will still last me about three weeks cooking frugally.

This weekend I batch baked sponge puddings baking them instead of steaming them it's less messy and we think they taste just as good, It gave me the idea watching the bake off last week.

Pudding basins 10p each from a jumble years ago.

Using all the oven space while cooking the Sunday roast.

Two are now in the freezer

     Right, I'me off to pick all my apple's let's see how many land on the floor. 


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Productive Day

I have been busy today making a homemade apple cake 

 I also have made a chicken casserole for tonight's Tea  ( Dinner to non black country folk) We call lunch Dinner lol.

Made with chicken thighs, carrots, tomato puree, herbs, onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, stock cubes and a few frozen sprouts dropped in towards the end to soak up the juice, Browning the chicken and onions and garlic before covering with stock and slow cooking all afternoon.

I have lots of apples both cooking and eating, I am just  looking into how to store them through the winter as last year I did not have any fruit and  froze the free ones my neighbour gave me and they went spongy 
My problem is with the trees, I am hoping some gardeners out there will be able to help me, I was told I could cut the trees down to transport them when we moved house  four years ago which I did reluctantly and they are growing but very very slowly and are top heavy have I ruined them completely will they  ever grow tall, I would appreciate your advice they were only 3 years old when I cut them back.  

Hello, Carole, it was nice to meet you last Friday.


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Finding time to blog

Its been quite a while since my last blog post as i have been really busy , I've   been feeling quite well so have started my market stall up again to see how far i get  without feeling unwell , I feel like  like like a yo yo with my decisions but thats what happens when you try to make a living with health issues , Same goes for my weight loss campaign i am like a yo yo with that too , but am now back on track again to be much more slender.

With the house we need a new bed  as the old one is too heavy for me to move to clean underneath it , It's still a good bed so will be going back to my friend mel who gave it to me initially.
Her daughter will use  it in her spare bedroom.
 So we  have decided to move into the back bedroom and  at the moment  i am painting it if you remember it was only completed  quite recently but it was just done with old paint we had and dressed with stuff that we had now i want it totally different and i will be posting about it soon, Still to be done as frugally as possible. 

Jumble season is upon us i have two evening ones this week which are usually very good  and i don't know about saturday yet jumble sales are like buses none or they all turn up together , There have been a few through the summer but not many, Here are some of my best finds. 

A shelley Tea set .
Its really rare to find something so good as this now.

This fruits tea set was from the same jumble sale 

Two very rare finds. for £5.00 each.

Then there have been market finds , This Tam 1950s tea set was £2.50 on the charity stall.
This is for our own use.

I  have still been buying the jewellery at auction.

This huge citrine ring.

This is by goose 1962.

The Amethyst  stones are very large on this suffragette brooch too.

This is so sweet its edwardian gold on silver.

I also purchased lots of fur coats in the summer for less than a tenner each.

The jumble sale the tea sets were from   i found two boxes of vintage cards mainly christmas 

There were some vintage notelets 

This is my favorite one though , I have told vicki over at that it must have been made for her. 


Thursday, 3 August 2017

Here we are again in the middle of the night

I am getting a bit fed up with not being able to sleep for one reason or another now at 12 .30 am i am up out of bed,
 It's a nuisance because the next day i am walking around like a zombie ,
 I tend to drop off ok but when my sleep apnea wakes me up i can't go back to sleep ,
 The  mask i wear to sleep in should stop that , The only way to combat it is by taking Amitriptyline , It works really well but makes me feel down , I dont want to do anything when i am on them , I didn't realize how they affected me until i came off them while i am trying to lose weight as they hinder weight loss and can make you gain weight , 
Stopping them i have  a lot more energy and get up and go , I have put a lot more effort into my business and fingers crossed at the moment it seems to be working so that's a positive but i really wish i could shake of this Insomnia any ideas would be greatly appreciated ,
 On a positive note here are some of my latest finds.   

A Jumble sale clock £1.00

Vintage perfume gift  sets from Auction 

Grouping all the vintage faulty costume  Jewellery together for spares or repair works well.  

Interesting Masonic watch.

Job lot of   costume Jewellery 

 Job lot of brooches.

Two chain belts amongst the Jewellery i purchased 


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Lots of pretties

I have found some beautiful Pretties both at Auction and Jumble Sales in the past few weeks.

I know i am like a Yo Yo changing my mind about carrying on with my business but when my health is really bad it's hard to do all the things that go hand in hand with running a successful business  , At the moment i am  Happy to say i'm  really well , fingers crossed it will last a long time so i am going to give my business  one last try to see if what i have learned works , Buying more selective and concentrating on jewellery  & linen wich is smaller to handle and store.

So here are some of my latest finds.

I was puzzled by this when i saw it at a jumble sale left on its own at the end of the sale so i took a chance for 50p , I was thrilled to find out it was a 1960s doorbell.